Research & Grants

J. Tinsley Oden loves research

J. Tinsley Oden loves research


Research focuses on contemporary topics in computational engineering and mathematics, including a posteriori error estimation, model adaptivity, multi-scale modeling, verification and validation of computer simulations, uncertainty quantification and adaptive control.  Applications of current interest include molecular dynamics, continuum-quantum mechanics, modeling of semi-conductor manufacturing processes, and dynamic data-driven simulation systems for control of laser treatment of cancer.

Grants (ongoing)

  1. “Center for Predictive Engineering and Computational Sciences (PECOS),” Sponsor: Department of Energy, April 15, 2008 – April 14, 2013, Project Amount: $17,500,000.00, Awarded: $7,900,000.00, Subcontracted: $341,868.00, Co-PI’s: Robert Moser, Omar Ghattas, and J.T. Oden.
  2. “Uncertainty Quantification in Atomic-to-Continuum Methods for Complex Molecular Systems,” Sponsor: Department of Energy, 08/15/05 -07/14/12, $2,2059,697. PI: J.T. Oden.
  3.  “National Initiative for Modeling and Simulation,” The University of Texas at Austin, 08/01/08-08/31/10, $300,000, PI: J.T. Oden.
  4. “Uncertainty Quantification for Large-Scale Inverse Scattering,” Sponsor: Department of Defense – Air Force, August 1, 2009 – 07/31/12, $300,000. Co-PIs: Leszek Demkowicz, Lucas Wilcox, and J.T. Oden.
  5. “Workshop on Cyberscience Grand Challenges and Implications for Cyberinfrastructure,” Sponsor: National Science Foundation, 09/15/09- 03/31/12, $49,999, PI: J.T. Oden.

COLLABORATORS & CO-EDITORS (within 48 months):

Ivo Babuska. UT Austin
Jon Bass. UT Austin
Paul Bauman. UT Austin
R. Bouclier, ENS-Cachan-France
Ludovic Chamoin, ENS-Cachan-France
Leszek Demkowicz. UT Austin
H. Ben Dhia, Ecole Centrale-France
Yusheng Feng. UT San Antonio
David Fuentes. UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Omar Ghattas. UT Austin
Andrea Hawkins-Daarud. Northwestern University
John Hazle. UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
T. J. R. Hughes. UT Austin
Pierre Ladevez. Cachan-France
Robert Moser. UT Austin
Manolis Papadrakakis. Natl. Tech. U.-Greece
Ernesto Prudencio. UT Austin
Serge Prudhomme. Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal
Pablo Seleson. UT Austin
John Stafford. UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Kristofer van der Zee. U. Eindhoven, Netherlands.