Other Downloads

Below are download links to various reports and materials that Dr. Oden has produced, co-authored, and/or co-edited:

  1. Tinsley Oden chaired the National Science Foundation’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Simulation-Based Engineering Science that produced the 2006 report “Revolutionizing Engineering Science through Simulation.” The report focused on the future of SBES, defined as the application of computational models to the study and prediction of physical events or the behavior of engineered systems.
  2. Scordim Reports.  In 1991, the USNC/TAM established a subcommittee to oversee a continuing project to regularly survey the field of mechanics, with particular emphasis on identifying areas of mechanics for future research. The subcommittee, named Subcommittee on Research Directions in Mechanics, or SCORDIM, has been issuing a series of authoritative reports, sometimes known as SCORDIM reports, on research directions in mechanics. Four reports have been published thus far and are discussed on these pages.  Two of these reports were edited by Oden and are available for download below: